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A Man of the South who Loves the South and the Southern People and Stands in Opposition to Racial Bigotry

My website is about my work as a writer, my family, etc.

Bloodstains, An Epic History

My first big project was Bloodstains.  This work of four volumes is pictured above.  Get all four volumes delivered for $70.  Great history of America from colonial days to the election of Grover Cleveland.  Emphasis on the Southern people and the politics that gave rise to State Secession, War and Political Reconstruction.  

Understanding Abe Lincoln's First Shot Strategy

Want to experience the first days of the Lincoln Administration and how Republicans schemed to begin a military campaign to subjugate the not-yet-seceded Democrat States and then conquer the seceded States.  This book tells the story as you live it day by day.

Understanding "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

I hate to sing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"  It's the most hateful song that came from the Civil War era.  And, the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin is just that a novel.  It's a shame that, a novel based on so little experience, had such profound influence..

Understanding the War Between the States

I am co-founder of the Society of Independent Southern Historians.  Sixteen of our members came together and wrote an amazing educational book, Understanding the War Between the States.  It is absolutely the best available for teaching the truthful history of our people.  See at website .  Get 12 books for $60 delivered.

Understanding Creation and Evolution

I see a lot less disagreement between the theory of evolution and the story of beginnings as recorded in the Bible.  Read my book to discover how the two versions or origins need not disagree.   Discover that God created the Universe and evolution did the rest with one exception --  God did create man in his image.  Man did not evolve from lower primates.  Read as paperback, kindle book, or listen to the audible book narrated by me, the author. 

The CSA Trilogy: an Alternate History/Historical Fiction Novel

All of the books that are mentioned to the left and above are truthful histories.  The CSA Trilogy is my first work of fiction.  In this book of three parts, the reader lives a story of the Confederate States winning their independence and, over a 150-year span, becoming "The Greatest Country on Earth."  $15 on Amazon.  Its a wonderful way to dream of what might have been.

True American History -- 180 Television Shows I Have Hosted

186 TV Shows still being shown

Beginning in October 2004 and ending in August 2009, I hosted the production of 186 30-minute television shows under the title, "True American History , 1763 to 1885."  You see, our focus was before 1885.  Cannot do it all.  I hosted scores of wonderful guests on these shows, too.

You can see many of these via the internet at

That's right.  It's free.  About 80 of the 30-minute TV shows are at, available for viewing anywhere in the world at any time.  Just go down the show list and choose what you want to watch.

Click below to view a sample of three TV shows

High School Teacher Nora Brooks:

The Reverend Herman White:

H. K. Edgarton and his passion:

You can still see many of these on cable TV in Charlotte

That's right.  If you live in Charlotte, NC and receive your TV signal via cable, just go to channel 21 any Tuesday evening at 8:30 pm and view a rerun of True American History.  Remember history never goes out of date.

Let me tell you about my favorite guests

H. K. Edgerton of Asheville was great.  Jack Marlar of South Carolina told about weapons.  High school teacher Nora Brooks was amazing.  Others included Herman White, Robert Ackerman, Don Gordon, Stephen A. Douglas IV, Bill Lockridge, Mike Scruggs, Claude Hefner, Don Gordon, and John Ainsworth.  There were many more.

The best way to view the shows is to go to the channel, True American History, and scan the catalog

To view the complete listing of TV shows, click on the link to the channel shown below.  You will access any show that interests you very quickly.

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